Faux or Real Fur? Can you tell??

Faux fur has become popular again because of all the protest especially by PETA. Fashion houses such, as Gucci has announced a no fur policy for 2018. Most faux furs are almost or just as warm as the real thing for a fraction of the price. What designers have done with faux fur is try to give it a new twist. The twist this year is: vintage, almost like you got them out of your grandmother’s closet. There is an array of color choices too. It allows women from all price points to enjoy the look of fur.

What I have learned is that there are responsible ways that are government-mandated to breed animals for food and the fur industry and while PETA sanctions faux fur many of the fur is made from non-biodegradable chemical based synthetics. We as a country have to look more into how things are made because taking care of our environment should be a number 1 priority. I am sure there are more responsible ways to create faux fur.

I found this faux fur at Zara for $50. I figured I couldn’t go wrong! And it’s warm too.
Turtleneck: Lord & Taylor, Leggings: NYDJ (Not your Daughters Jeans) Shoes: Steve Madden suede booties

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