Denim: An Old Standby

If you’re 40+ you probably have denim in your closet. I remember when denim first became a “thing”-yes I’m that old! But I’ve owned denim continuously ever since. There are so many options; White, blue and black denim seemingly are the most popular. Shirts, dresses, and blazers almost every clothing category comes in denim. I like mixing denim with color and accessories when working but I tone those down when at home running errands and such. I own denim accessories but I NEVER wear them with denim clothing; it’s just too much. Using different shades of blue denim can hide or flatter body parts. Lighter shades tend to draw attention and dark washes give a more slimming affect and draws attention away. When you wear denim of different weights or washes it adds variety to your outfit. When all else fails a white t-shirt or even white denim adds a different vibe to an outfit. Since we haven’t slipped into fall or winter I’ve showed 2 denim options:

Denim jacket dark wash:Old Navy,Denim jacket light wash:Vince Camuto. Both denim pants: NYDJ, black sneakers: Nike, Reds neakers: Adidas. White t-shirt: Inc, Black t-shirt: Uniqlo.

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