This Weather Is CRaZy!

While waiting for this crazy weather to stabilize let’s talk about body types:
By now if you’re 40+ you know mainly what looks good on you. You have your go-to silhouettes that you lean on, but I think a review from time to time isn’t a bad thing.

Styling “you” should be fun! Shopping for new clothes shouldn’t feel like a chore. If it is read on:

What I learned over the years is fit is key. One of my favorite TV shows was: What Not To Wear. For those that don’t remember it was a show about the 2 hosts (Stacy London and Clinton Kelly). They would dress a woman who could care less about clothes. The woman would be nominated by a family member or friend as a “style felon”. At the end of the hour 99% of the time the woman looked 10 times better. This is where I was exposed to fit. Visually it was easy to see the difference. I now take my clothes that need tweaking to the local cleaners. That means hems, zippers and anything else that prevents me from looking my best especially after I lost a few lbs.

Currently the retail market is over-saturated with variety. Many will say over 40? Stay away from the trends and stay classic. While I do have many classic pieces in my wardrobe, I also love including trendy pieces. Once you understand your body type shopping becomes much easier no matter your size.

When evaluating your body type look at your body as a whole and not just the areas that are problematic for you. What I try to do every so often is stand in front of a full-length mirror in my underwear then I look at the descriptions and make a decision if I’m one particular body type or a combination. My body has changed at least 3 times since my 20’s and I’ve had to alter my wardrobe to compliment the change. I suppose when I hit 70 I will have to revaluate!! LOL

So here are the basic body types: –

PearPear- Your waist is larger than your bust. Usually you have slim arms and shoulders. Many times you have wide hips.
This body shape looks best when you add to your shoulders and bust area. You want to keep attention to your upper body.

AppleApple-You carry most of your weight in your bust and midsection. You are generally not curvy in your hip area.
This body shape looks best when you select clothes that direct attention away from your midriff and accentuate other parts

HourglassHourglass-Your body is curvy with a well-defined waist. Your bust and hip measurements are almost even.
Embrace your curves! Draw attention to your waist with accessories. Stay away from clothing that reveals too much bust. V-necks are particularly flattering just make sure it is approropriate for the event.

rectangleStraight/Rectangular-When standing in the mirror head on you will not notice any waist definition. You can still have a curvy bottom or a wide chest with extra weight around the midriff. The best way to identify this body type is by measuring.
With this body type belts will work to define a waist. Feminine touches such as ruffles and frills also would be a nice touch. Steer clear of menswear clothing it will not enhance your body type.

I hope this is helpful. Please give me your thoughts in the comments section

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